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Dsys Data Solutions Services can help you plan and deliver critical technology architecture that guides custom software implementation and cross-system integration for maximum scalability and performance. Through our architecture, systems engineering and evaluation and DevOps services strategy, we help clients realize:

More predictable and flexible IT systems at a lower cost

Better quality and speed of commercialization for the development of new systems

Innovative approaches using new and proven technologies

Improving the efficiency of testing architectural solutions

Dsys Data Solutions services include:

The architecture strategy and assessment defines the vision, principles, standards, and action plan for prioritizing, operating, and managing the technologies that support your business. We can define a fundamental technology architecture that guides the implementation of custom software and the integration of multiple systems for maximum scalability and performance.

In addition, we take advantage of automation techniques to migrate legacy systems to Java or .Net platforms. In any case, the goal is to enable our clients to take advantage of new technologies that enable them to enter new markets and increase their market share.

Software engineering creates new opportunities in the development of systems and business applications. We research, analyze and test new advances and create competition in open source technologies, including PaaS, as well as in the development of modern web applications.

DevOps uses governance and automation techniques to optimize development and operations collaboration, enabling faster, more predictable, and more frequent market deployments. We help our clients define and implement a DevOps strategy that will reduce the operational costs of IT change while increasing the speed of delivery and resiliency of production systems. This is achieved through increased automation and related tools.